Ports of Call

There are many ports around the world but there are the ports of call where many people are amazed as they can see the beauty of the nature that was created. The color of the sand or the reflection of the light or the ray of the sun can enhance its beauty and make it more beautiful. There are many ports and there are places that are recommended for you to be able to visit. It is good also to leave the pool and walk to the ports.

Maui in Hawaii. It is as given that there should also be one that is chosen in the Hawai area as it is famous for its beauty of nature.

Bangkok, Thailand. If you can view the time when the lights at the evening time will make its way into the evening sky. This is one of the view that many likes to see.

Montreal Old Port. Have the time to explore Quebec by going into its largest city and see the old port.

Niko Harbour, Antarctica. If you want to see penguins, the place to go is the Niko Harbour in the Antartica.

Vina del Mar in Chile. If you want to see part of the beauty of South America then travel to the part of Chile in the Vina del Mar on the Valparaiso coast.

Kauai, Hawaii. Another from Hawaii. You can feel its serenity and you will surely have an experience that you will not forget soon.

Charlotte Amalie in St. ThomasMarseille in France and Split in Croatia are the other ports to look for.